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Ifoda Abdurazakova
on Fri, November 1, 2013 at 05.25 pm
UNDP Global Innovation Meeting 2013

BIO-Simon Ruda

Simon Ruda is Senior Policy Advisor in the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team.

Simon joined the Behavioural Insights Team shortly after it was set up by the Prime Minister in 2010. Prior to joining the team, Simon worked for the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. Other previous roles include a spell working at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Pakistan and as a consultant in a leading private sector marketing strategy consultancy.

Working in both the public and private sectors, Simon has specialised in influencing consumer behaviour in a number of markets. As a civil servant, he has worked across a broad range of policy areas, including crime, alcohol, fraud, economic growth, environment, foreign affairs and related domestic security issues.

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