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Ifoda Abdurazakova
on Fri, November 1, 2013 at 05.20 pm
UNDP Global Innovation Meeting 2013

BIO-Kit Lykketoft

Kit Lykketoft holds an MA in history with anthropology.  Prior to her employment in MindLab Kit has worked in the Ministry of Employment with both organisational and policy development over several years.  In MindLab, Kit is co-responsible for the strategic and competence related development of MindLab internally as well as externally on top of having much experience in implementing user involving projects. 

Kit often gives speeches in Denmark and abroad about the work of MindLab, methods for user involvement, cross-departmental cooperation and innovation in the public sector. Kit is furthermore a skilled lecturer and organiser of training courses and seminars.  Kit is currently enrolled in a continuing education course at Said Business School, Oxford University and HEC, Paris “Consulting and Coaching for Change.”  Follow her on twitter here.

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