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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY: The Next Generation Leadership Development Experience

THE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY: UNDP's Next-Generation Leadership Development Experience is a 12-month leadership skill-building experience that will introduce you to concepts that will help you to create innovative, effective, and sustainable daily practices which help to drive change.

The success of the UN depends on leaders who can manage across disciplines, are comfortable with ambiguity and change and can develop and deliver optimal results in different development contexts. The Leadership Development Pathway addresses this by strengthening the overall leadership capacity of our people managers at multiple levels by improving the way you lead, innovate, manage, communicate and deliver – on a daily basis.

To learn more about the launch of the LDP within UNDP, please view the video below:


UNDP is excited to partner with three unique organizations: Harvard Business Publishing, +ACUMEN and IDEO.org

Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) is the premier on-demand learning and performance support resource for leadership and management skill development. Its high quality content—regularly updated topics, videos, tools, and on-the-job activities— engages and motivates learners. Fueled by the latest in thinking and proven practices from Harvard Business Publishing’s world-class experts, this resource delivers actionable learning for today’s busy leaders. HMM Single Modules zeros in on the skills you need to succeed today. Each online Single Module offers practical, immediately applicable tools and advice for dealing with a specific management issue.

Acumen is a non-profit venture fund with a vision to help build a world beyond poverty through investing in companies that deliver critical goods and services in water, health, housing, energy, agriculture, and education; leaders who are paving the way for new approaches to fighting poverty; and the spread of ideas that will give the world the knowledge and the understanding to change how the world tackles poverty. Acumen’s learning initiative +Acumen started in 2012 with the vision of providing thousands of emerging leaders around the world with the skills and moral imagination they need to become more effective at changing the way the world tackles poverty.

IDEO.org is the non-profit spin off from IDEO, the world renowned international design and consulting firm founded in Palo Alto, California (famous for amongst other things designing the Apple mouse). IDEO.org leverages design thinking empower the poor and believes that by understanding and working alongside those in the greatest need, we can design solutions that create prosperity. Partnering with non-profits, social enterprises, and foundations, IDEO.org works to both create solutions through design to poverty-related challenges while also inspiring and enabling others to bring a human-centered design approach to their own work to become more effective problem solvers.


  • A comprehensive development experience customized to your individual needs
  • A series of competency-based learning journeys enabling sustainable leadership habits through daily practice
  • An opportunity to learn the essentials of leadership all people managers need to be successful
  • A chance to apply new ways of thinking and skills prototyping solutions to our business challenges
  • World Class leadership development curriculum designed by Harvard Business School faculty for everyday business needs.
  • A network of skilled coaches, mentors, innovation catalysts and peers around the globe
  • Access state-of-the-art tools and assessments to support your learning and development

In short, the LDP is a unique, first-of-its-kind, open-enrollment, large-scale leadership development experience suitable for all managers in the UN system.


As a participant in the LDP, you start off by increasing your self-awareness in order to make your development meaningful and customized to your needs.  A 360˚ feedback assessment, DiSC workplace assessment and learning style questionnaire are at your disposal.  The feedback you receive from them will help you create a customized development plan for yourself together with support from your supervisor and your ecosystem members.  The development plan will be your guide through your development journey, customized in terms of intensity and curricula to meet your specific development needs.

To help create sustainable leadership habits through a daily practice, you will be surrounded by an ecosystem of support. This includes bi-weekly meetings with your supervisor, coaching, mentoring and an online community of peers around the globe.

Simultaneously you will work through each of the core competencies in the online leadership courses:

536307People Management

When this is finished, you move into the workplace learning phase, where you form teams to collaboratively develop prototype solutions to real business challenges, thereby applying your new skills on the substance of our work. These prototypes will be shared on an electronic platform – allowing you to directly contribute to building our global expertise at the same time as you get exposure within your organization.

After completing all five development chapters (Leadership, Innovation, People Management, Communication and Delivery) you will conduct a post-assessment – allowing you to capture your development process and clearly see the progress. 

Basic information about the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY:

Target Audience

Open to all staff with supervisory/managerial responsibility from G6 to P5 levels.


Online and workplace learning.  


12 months


Registration for Cohort 2 is closed. For registration of future cohorts, please contact us directly at ldp@undp.org


For information about registration and fees, please contact us at ldp@undp.org



Who is eligible?

The Leadership Development Pathway (LDP) is open to staff members holding either a PA or FTA appointment with current supervisory/managerial responsibility from G6 to P5 levels, including National Officers. Enrollment requires the approval and commitment of the participant's supervisor.

Who is this programme for?

The LDP is a comprehensive talent development experience designed to strengthen the overall leadership capacity of people managers at multiple levels by improving their skills to lead, innovate, manage, communicate and deliver – on a daily basis. It’s designed to enhance the skills of our managers to lead across disciplines to deliver optimal results in a variety of development contexts.

If I am on an FTA or PA, and I manage people on Service Contracts, do I qualify for the LDP?

Yes, you do.


How much does it cost to participate in the LDP?

Please contact us directly at ldp@undp.org for information on participation fee.

What is included in the participation fee?

Participant fee includes:

  • 360-degree feedback assessment
  • DiSC behaviour assessment
  • Learning style quiz
  • Customized development plan
  • Access to leadership courses from Harvard Manage Mentor
  • Access to Mindtools resources
  • Access to coaches
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Skills development in Human-Centered Design
  •  Networking opportunities


What languages are going to be available in the LDP?

In addition to English, many of the core parts of the programme are also available in French and Spanish to encourage the broadest possible participation.


How long is the Pathway?

The duration of the Leadership Development Pathway is 12 months, excluding the pre- and post-assessment periods, which we anticipate may take up to three months to complete. Therefore, the total experience may take between 12 and 15 months.

What is the possibility of delaying my participation in the programme until the next cohort because of emergency situations (e.g. maternity, medical) 'til next year.  

One-time deferral to the next cohort is allowed at the approval of your supervisor before the deferral deadline. Please note that no further deferral will be possible afterwards.


I am leaving the organization. Do I have to repay the participation fee back to the office/unit for the courses I took?

Yes, if you are leaving the organization voluntarily.  However, if your post was abolished or you are separated from the organization involuntarily, you do not have to repay the participation fee.

I do not wish to continue with the programme.  Can I withdraw?

Yes, you can withdraw with the approval of your supervisor, and you will have to pay your office/unit back for the cost of the programme.


Can I be exempted from any modules?

No. You are required to complete a certain number of modules and assignments within the Pathway. There are no exemptions.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please send any questions to ldp@undp.org


What kind of a certificate do we get after we finish the LDP?

Each participant who completes the programme will receive a certificate of completion.

Is the 360-degree assessment optional or mandatory?

The 360-degree assessment is mandatory, as it is the tool that the participant will use to gain more insight into which competencies to focus on developing during the LDP, and also to compare at the end of the Pathway to see what progress has been made.

We have a colleague in the office who is currently on detail assignment and whose contract will end before the end of LDP programme, what should we do if s/he wants to register?

The LDP is an investment in a staff member's growth and development, and should be treated as such.  If the staff member will no longer have a contract beyond the duration of LDP cohort, the office will need to determine if this is a wise investment.